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Growing vegetables is one way of becoming healthier both by simplifying our lives and gaining access to food that cannot be purchased in a supermarket.
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Now that I am retired we hope to grow some of our food in our tiny garden. I admire your life style because you are living life. I think you and Rancherman are truly blessed. I enjoyed his post on electricity! Awwww… Thanks Barbara. My one exception is when the Kansas wind is whooping hard! Not worth the struggle! Thanks for your comments Deborah. Thanks so much for stopping by! A few years ago I was a full time working Mom caught up in all the worldly desires. Shan, Indeed! Can I please add a link to this post from my blog? Amber, how thoughtful of you to ask.

Adding the link for this post points back to my page so that would be awesome. Thank you! Seeing this testimonial to the good and simple life linked up at the Creative Home and Garden hop was heart-warming. Finding a kindred spirit is always great. Thank you for your kind words. Love what you said about living simply not meaning deprivation, but creativity! Looking forward to exploring more of your blog…visiting from Family Fun Friday today. Slowing down really helps you to focus on things that matter in your life, good for you for adding richness for you and your family.

LOL Amy, I hear ya! RancherMan and I started pursuing our dream of living on a ranch several years ago.

Ecovillage Life: Voluntary Simplicity

In the meantime we bloomed where we were planted and slowed things down where we could. Even with the children and soccer practice, PTA meetings and full-time corporate careers there were places to simplify. Your post reads a little like poetry and is a gentle reminder to enjoy the simpler things in life. If you have time maybe you can link this to Family Fun Friday — I try to focus on enjoying time with loved ones and I think your post does that too. Why thank you Monday, what a kind thing to say!

I just wanted to let you know that this post will be featured tomorrow at the Friday Follow Along. Stop by to see us! I always enjoy your posts. Gorgeous sunset. Thanks for sharing! Thanks for your kind words. So beautifully said!! I see myself attempting to live much simpler as I grow older. Thanks for sharing this at TTF this week.

Thank you for linking this up to the Friday Follow Along. I really like it and have been working towards living simpler for awhile. One day I will get there! I echo your sentiments here. This life is not necessarily easier, but it is simpler and much more meaningful.

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Continued blessings…. Beautiful Pictures, I especially love the last one. I think I need that reminder often. Enjoyed your post! Hello from Ontario Canada. I understand what you mean about Living Deliberately — Voluntary Simplicity. I was raised on a farm and to got caught up in the whirlwind of life as I grew in to an adult and now am retired and living in a beautiful old farm house built in in a country valley village not far from the north shores of Lake Erie.

This area is full of beautiful country side , Ports , farms and wonderful wild nature and some right in our own back yard! I am slowly getting back into home grown and home made remembering how I was raise on the farm as a kid living off of the land! Simple , yet calming and peaceful with the odd shaker upper every now and then. Hubs AKA Papa and I love the quiet simple at home life , with our girls Miggs our dog and Harley our cat and of course all the nature we have here.

Nothing like sitting on the porch in our rockers just dreaming the day away! Your blog is wonderful and right up my alley or rather country road hehe! Have a good day! Country Gal, thanks for sharing your thoughts. Thanks for stopping by, country-Road friends are great, no? Me too! It gives me so much satisfaction at the end of the day. And I am hoping to instill that in my own kids.

Anyway, great post! Totally agree! I loved your article. It describes the way we live our life and why. There is no deprivation here. We are all better for doing a little work along the way. It becomes enjoyable. Thanks Heidi. We have tried to live simply for quite a few years and now that I am retired, I am determined to be better.

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I talked at dinner tonight about starting to compost and hope to plant vegetables next year when I clear a spot. Carol, retirement offers so many more ways to simplify your life so you may be pleasantly surprised that one thing easily leads to another. What a beautiful post! I love and share your philosophies. I believe living simply will help you live well. It took me a long time to turn away from the normal ways of society and reject consumerism, but it was a liberating experience!

Love seeing your clothes hanging on the line. Love your post! Hanging the clothes on the line is my favorite chore as well! Your blog today, and the picture of the clothes on the line, was so timely! Last evening we were working on lists of where to start when we get to Leonard in less than 6 weeks!!! I am so excited to embark on this new journey! Yes, Christine. Yes, yes, YES!!! When the laundry is done I simply retract the lines and bring it inside until next time.

No ducking underneath to mow or walk around our yard — it works great for us.

Living simply is not depriving yourself or your family. How many times have I said that to people I know! I think part of it is just. Lori — I think you may be right. That convenience thing is a real vicious circle. Well-said, Victoria. Oftentimes frazzled folks are using those convenience items so they have more time to sit in front of the TV.

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Each family is in a different place in their lives Brenda and with different needs. Lovely post! I love to read stories like this! About 5 years ago, right around the time I had my first baby, I started to really look at the way food was produced. It was alarming to see how things have changed, and that I was so accepting of it, even though my mom had a huge garden when I was growing up. The food was the trigger for me, and then it just became a spiral of other things that I could do to live more intentionally. It is amazing to see the changes we have made in just a few short years, and also how far we still want to go.

But, it is an exciting journey! Heather, you and I are on the same page here. The drive for more natural food was the trigger for me as well, then it naturally lead to other things such as cleaners, toiletries, household items, etc.. You put it so eloquently…exactly how I feel. I get so jazzed to take something ugly, used up, small and insignificant… and turning it into to something of beauty, something useful again—saving the seeds to dry on a piece of newspaper to be sown later gets the wheels of my mind going.

Jack-in-the-pulpits are unique in that the same plant can produce either male or female flowers in different years. Very young plants will have male flowers until they are several years old, then have perhaps both male and female flowers but still no seeds, and finally when the plant has stored up enough energy it will have female flowers and will finally produce seeds.


Voluntary Simplicity: My 30-Day Challenge

Your plant has obviously had female flowers in the past it has produced seeds. So what happens next year pretty much depends on if the plant regains the energy to produce female flowers and seeds. And yes, you can plant out the baby plants. I have found them to be quite easily transplanted. The photos are my own.

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