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Their love tugging me toward them.. I wanted to be a part of them more than anything I can remember every wanting. There was love everywhere, it was like love came from the grass, love came from the birds, love came from the trees. I have worked for hospices for several years and it is normal and common for a dying person to have visions.. I know there is something special and breathtaking awaiting us on the other side.

Get A Copy. Kindle Edition , 46 pages. More Details Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Where can I request this book? Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Average rating 3. Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Oct 01, Claudette Smith rated it really liked it. Good read Had some Ah Ha moments during the reading of this book.

I was delighted to find some of my questions were answered. Jennifer Johnson rated it liked it Aug 26, Ignacio Sosa rated it really liked it Jan 01, Helen Davies rated it liked it Feb 06, Chris rated it did not like it Feb 09, Kaylene Ellis rated it really liked it May 10, It is infinite. Even the spiral staircase and the library I talk about in my books are so incredible they are beyond description. We humans cannot make anything of beauty like that. She has her own unusual beauty. I wonder what she puts on her skin and she brings me into her simply furnished bedroom to see for myself: Boots No 7 serum and a Clinique moisturiser.

There is a selection of crystals in the deep-set window-sill - "presents from different people", she says with a hint of a raised eyebrow. Likewise, the one print in the house of an angel was a gift. She loves to walk in the great outdoors and wishes that parents of young children nowadays would get them out on the air to play and "to feel the cold", away from their computer games and consoles. We can feel God in nature, she believes - and she knows because He said so Then I played with Jesus as a boy. We had great fun rolling down a hill.

You cannot truly love a husband or a child unless you love yourself - your soul. Look at yourself without loathing, love yourself warts and all, and you will become kinder and more loving and compassionate. She is interrupted briefly by her daughter calling from Dublin.

She tells her "Love you lots - remember what I told you". That's how you know everything, we can't hide anything from you'. I tell them when they should go to the doctor - one didn't and he left it too late. He was afraid, but he had lived life to the full, and I know he had nothing to fear. It happens so quickly. The soul always ends in front of God in complete peace. There is no fear. Lorna's husband Joe died in at 47 - "exactly as I was told by the angels he would before I met him" - after years of ill-health. She has written of seeing his soul leaving his body and being taken away by his guardian angel, and of him coming back to visit once and embracing her.

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It reminded me of a scene from Ghost, except Lorna didn't need Whoopi Goldberg to feel her late husband's arms around her. Apparently we can all feel the presence of loved ones that have passed on, particularly on the feast of All Souls Day tomorrow. The souls of those who died in the Troubles up there don't want revenge, by the way. They want people to live in peace. They can give signs - something you are drawn to in a newspaper or magazine, a song you hear all the time, advice you're given, a tap on the shoulder and your hands go cold.

Life after death: Man now claims to have PROOF of God

And that inner voice you can hear - even just, 'better rinse that cloth one more time' - the instinctive voice comes from your guardian angel, no matter how small and insignificant. If you don't you'll regret it. When you listen to your intuition things fall into place and it makes life easier. Although I have dozens more questions, it's my instinct to get on the potentially flooded roads before dark.

May is given some parting words of comfort and a signed copy of Love From Heaven, with a private message direct, apparently, from her son. As she went on to write in , she could see and communicate with angels as physically as the rest of us see someone standing in front of us. Her lack of interest in the material world led to concerns about her health, and she was diagnosed as being "retarded".

In , while helping her father in the garage he ran, Lorna met Joe, the man she said Angel Elijah had foretold she would marry.

Brain Basics: The Life and Death of a Neuron

Married life was hard; Joe suffered from serious ill health and was unable to work much of the time. The couple and their four children lived in poverty. Sam Parnia and others at the University of Southampton which provided scientific evidence suggesting the survival of consciousness after clinical and brain death. These findings support other NDE evidence suggestive of life after death. NDEs can be considered to be an objective experience. Carl Becker, Ph. He has researched NDEs in Japanese hospitals and literature for 30 years.

Currently, Dr. Carl Becker examined four ways in which NDEs may be considered objective:. In , a paper by Dr. Charles Tart was published entitled " Psychophysiological Study of Out of the Body Experiences in a Selected Subject " which documented the out-of-body experience of a young woman who was one of his research subjects.

What makes her particular out-of-body experience remarkable is that she was able to leave her physical body, read a 5-digit number from a significant distance, and correctly recall the number to Dr. Tart upon return to her body. The odds of guessing a 5-digit number correctly are 1 in , Her OBE is an outstanding example of "veridical out-of-body perception" - where verified events are observed while in an out-of-body state. Read more here. In , Neurologist Professor Olaf Blanke and colleagues at Geneva University Hospital in Switzerland were using electrodes to stimulate the brain of a female patient suffering from Temporal Lobe Epilepsy.

They found that stimulating one spot - the " God spot " - the angular gyrus in the right cortex - repeatedly caused out-of-body experiences. The doctors did not set out to achieve this out-of-body effect - they were simply treating the women for epilepsy. Apparently the increased electrical activity in the brain resulting from seizure activity abnormal electrical activity in the brain , makes sufferers more susceptible to having near-death experiences. The doctors believe the angular gyrus plays an important role in matching up visual information and the brain's touch and balance representation of the body.

When the two become dissociated, an out-body-experience may result. Writing in the journal Nature, Electrodes Trigger Out-of-Body Experiences , the Swiss team said out-of-body experiences tended to be short-lived, and to disappear when a person attempts to inspect parts of their body autoscopy. Professor Blanke told BBC News Online that "OBEs have been reported in neurological patients with epilepsy, migraine and after cerebral strokes, but they also appear in healthy subjects.

Awareness of a biological basis of OBEs might allow some patients who suffer frequently from OBEs to talk about them more openly. In addition, physicians might take the phenomenon more seriously and carry out necessary investigations such as an EEG, MRI, and neurological examinations. Nevertheless, Blanke's study does show that OBEs satisfy the scientific method as being a real phenomenon worthy of scientific research.

Pim van Lommel led a study concerning the NDEs of research subjects who had cardiac arrest and the results were published in the prestigious medical journal The Lancet.. The findings of the study suggests that research subjects can experience consciousness, with self-identity, cognitive function and memories, including the possibility of perception outside their body during a flat EEG.

Science demands verifiable evidence which can be reproduced again and again under experimental situations. Jim Whinnery , of the National Warfare Institute, thought he was simply studying the effects of G forces on fighter pilots. He had no idea he would revolutionize the field of consciousness studies by providing experimental proof that NDEs are real. The pilots were placed in huge centrifuges and spun at tremendous speeds. After they lost consciousness, after they went into seizures, after they lost all muscle tone, when the blood stopped flowing in their brains, only then would they suddenly have a return to conscious awareness.

They had "dreamlets" as Dr. Whinnery calls them. These dreamlets are similar to near-death experiences and they often involved a sense of separation from the physical body. A typical dreamlet involved a pilot leaving his physical body and traveling to a sandy beach, where he looked directly up at the sun. The pilots would remark that death is very pleasant. One of the strangest cases in the history of dream research is described in the documentary, The Secret World of Dreams.

It describes the amazing story of a woman named Claire Sylvia. She was a professional dancer with several modern dance companies. As the years passed, Claire's health began to deteriorate. Claire Sylvia had to undergo a heart and lung transplant. Soon after the transplant, she began having strange and incredibly vivid dreams about a young man she didn't recognize. Eventually, Claire realized that the young man in her dreams was the eighteen-year-old organ donor whose heart and lungs resided in her chest.

Through her continuing dream contacts with her donor, she learned a lot about him including his name. She then decided to do the research to find out if this "heavenly" information was correct. Yale University Pediatric Cancer specialist Dr. Diane Komp reported that many dying children have NDEs which often occurred during dreams. One boy, for example, told Dr.

Komp that Jesus had visited him in a big yellow school bus and told him he would die soon. The boy died as he predicted. According to the celebrated psychiatrist and dream analyst, Marie Louise Von Franz , and based on her analysis of over 10, dreams of the dying, the meaning being communicated is that the light of the individual, one of the common metaphors for life that we've heard so often, goes out at death but is miraculously renewed on the other side.

In other words, the spirit seems to live on. This dream then illustrates perfectly a profound insight of the great psychoanalyst and mentor of Dr. Von Franz' words: "These symbols depict the end of bodily life and the explicit continuation of psychic life after death. In other words, our last dreams prepare us for death.

Complete with her own personal encounters, and those of numerous other DBV experiencers, this revolutionary work explores DBVs throughout history, from ancient Egypt to modern-day America. Through the visions and experiences common to all dying people, one can learn more about the spiritual journey that begins with death. One theory about how remote viewing works is that gifted or trained people can tap into a "Universal Mind. Some of the most credible remote reviewers, such as Joseph McMoneagle , received their remote viewing powers from a near-death experience.

Kenneth Ring was a brilliant young professor of psychology at the University of Connecticut who read Dr. Raymond Moody's book, Life After Life , and was inspired by it. However, he felt that a more scientifically structured study would strengthen Moody's findings. He sought out near-death survivors for his research. He concluded:. Kenneth Ring For the multitude of near-death experiencers who know they have left their bodies and received a glimpse of life after death, there is no amount of clinical explanation that will ever convince them otherwise.

Atheists believe in an afterlife after having NDEs. Atheists have deathbed experiences and near-death experiences just like everyone else does. The philosophy of Positivism , founded by the famous atheist named A. Ayer , is the philosophy that anything not verifiable by the senses is nonsense. Because NDEs mark the end of the senses, Positivists believe the survival of the senses after death is nonsense.

But this philosophy has been challenged by its founder A. Ayer himself. Later in life, Ayer had an NDE where he saw a red light. Ayer's NDE made him a changed man: "My recent experiences, have slightly weakened my conviction that my genuine death Ask the atheist! In a news article titled " Atheist Discovers 'The Science of God '": "One of Britain's most prominent atheists has decided that God might exist after all.

Professor Antony Flew now believes there is scientific evidence supporting the theory of some sort of intelligence behind the creation the universe. Professor Flew, 81, a professor emeritus of philosophy at the University of Reading, said that this was the only explanation for the origin of life The NDE researcher P. Atwater has pointed out the fascinating anomaly that an amazing number of people important to the evolution of humankind may well have had such an episode during their childhood. Reports of near-death experiences are not a new phenomenon. A great number of them have been recorded over a period of thousands of years.

The oldest surviving explicit report of an NDE in Western literature comes from the famed Greek philosopher, Plato , who describes an event in his tenth book of his legendary book entitled Republic. Plato discusses the story of Er, a soldier who awoke on his funeral pyre and described his journey into the afterlife. But this story is not just a random anecdote for Plato. He integrated at least three elements of the NDE into his philosophy: the departure of the soul from the cave of shadows to see the light of truth, the flight of the soul to a vision of pure celestial being and its subsequent recollection of the vision of light, which is the very purpose of philosophy.

The following NDE descriptions of consciousness expansion supports the theory of consciousness described above by Stanislav Grof. It theorizes that the brain acts as a reducing valve of cosmic input to produce consciousness. At death, this reducing-valve function ceases and consciousness is then free to expand. The following NDEs support this:. NDEs triggered by drugs satisfies the scientific method. Karl Jansen is a Member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists and is the world's leading expert on ketamine.

He has studied ketamine at every level. While earning his doctorate in clinical pharmacology at the University of Oxford, he photographed the receptors to which ketamine binds in the human brain. He has published papers on his discovery of the similarities between ketamine's psychoactive effects and the near-death experience during his study of medicine in New Zealand.

However, this is not to say there are no problems with comparing hallucinations with NDEs as will be shown later in this web page. Karl Jansen's ketamine research findings include:. NDEs are not a denial of reality, as is often seen in drug or oxygen deprivation induced hallucinations. There are not the distortions of time, place, body image and disorientations seen in drug induced experiences. They instead typically involve the perception of another reality superimposed over this one.

For example, one young boy told Dr. Melvin Morse that "god took me in his hands and kept me safe" while medics were frantically trying to revived his body after a near drowning. He said and understood everything happening to him, but simply perceived something we usually don't perceive at other times in our lives.

German psychiatrist Michael Schroeter-Kunhardt in his extensive review of all published near death research states there is no reason to believe NDEs are the result of psychiatric pathology or brain dysfunction. NDEs change people unlike hallucinations and dreams. No matter what the nature of the NDE, it alters lives.

Alcoholics find themselves unable to imbibe. Hardened criminals opt for a life of helping others. Atheists embrace the existence of a deity , while dogmatic members of a particular religion report "feeling welcome in any church or temple or mosque. Moody interviewed near-death patients who reported vivid experiences flashing back to childhood, coming face to face with Christ. He found that those who had undergone NDEs became more altruistic, less materialistic, and more loving. Bruce Greyson and Ian Stevenson have been instrumental in gathering evidence indicating that religious backgrounds do not affect who is most likely to have an NDE.

They have mapped out the conversion-like effects of NDEs that can sometimes lead to hardship. Having stared eternity in the face, he observes, those who return often lose their taste for ego-boosting achievement. Not even the diehard skeptics doubt the powerful personal effects of NDEs. After his NDE, Mellen-Thomas Benedict brought back a great deal of scientific information concerning biophotonics , cellular communication , quantum biology , and DNA research.

Mellen-Thomas Benedict currently holds eight U. I was brought in with Dr. By the way, this was videotaped and recorded. At that time, I could do almost a self hypnosis and get to the light. In those days, the only tools that I brought with me were a big pad of paper and large Crayola crayons.

I could sit there, go to the light and still speak to you and draw pictures while seeing. A big horse shoe facing down on the bottom and a smaller horse shoe facing up on top. If we can figure out a way to cleave that head off, I think we can cure this. I helped decode a genetic disease and the information was very accurate. Everybody thanked me and I went away. Then about three months later, I started getting letters and calls saying, 'My God, you hit it right on the head! This is astounding. There is no way you could have had this information in advance.

I worked in a lot of think tanks with some very impressive world class scientists over the next ten years until I retired from all that in In a hospital in Switzerland in , the world-renowned psychiatrist Carl G. Jung , had a heart attack and then a near-death experience. His vivid encounter with the light, plus the intensely meaningful insights led Jung to conclude that his experience came from something real and eternal.

Jung's experience is unique in that he saw the Earth from a vantage point of about a thousand miles above it. His incredibly accurate view of the Earth from outer space was described about two decades before astronauts in space first described it.

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Subsequently, as he reflected on life after death, Jung recalled the meditating Hindu from his near-death experience and read it as a parable of the archetypal Higher Self , the God-image within. Carl Jung, who founded analytical psychology , centered on the archetypes of the collective unconscious. Philosophies and religions were founded on NDEs. The famed Greek philosopher, Plato , described at the conclusion of his legendary work entitled Republic , the NDE account of a soldier named Er which has greatly influenced religious, philosophical, and scientific thought for many centuries..

When it comes to religion, one NDE was responsible for making Christianity a world religion. The apostle Paul once persecuted Christians until he converted to Christianity himself because of an NDE which he described as follows: "I know a person in Christ who fourteen years ago was caught up the third heaven. Whether it was in the body or out of the body I do not know - God knows. And I know that this person - whether in the body or apart from the body I do not know, but God knows - was caught up to paradise. He heard inexpressible things, things that people are not permitted to tell.

In this letter, Paul based his authority as an apostle on this NDE. Some or all of his revelations of Jesus certainly came from this NDE. The Bardo Thodol is a guide that is read aloud to the dead while they are in the out-of-body state between death and reincarnation in order for them to recognize the nature of their mind and attain liberation from the cycle of rebirth. The Bardo Thodol teaches that once awareness is freed from the body, it creates its own reality as one would experience in a lucid dream.

This dream occurs in various afterlife realms bardos in ways both wonderful and terrifying. Overwhelming peaceful and wrathful visions and beings appear. Because the deceased may be in a state of confusion due to its disconnection from its physical body, it might need help and guidance in order for enlightenment and liberation Nirvana to occur. The Bardo Thodol teaches how we can attain Nirvana by recognizing the heavenly realms instead of entering into the lower realms where the cycle of birth and rebirth continue.

Kenneth Ring believes NDEs can be viewed psychologically as archetypal initiatory journeys involving a death of one's old ego and a rebirth of a new Self. In addition, he thinks an adequate interpretation must incorporate the spiritual realm of Kundalini experiences, the imaginal realm , and the Mind at Large. As Ring envisions in his essay in the book, The Near-Death Experience: A Reader , this shift in thinking will deconstruct our traditional Western worldview.

It may bring a dramatic next step of evolution towards a more ecological and more compassionate consciousness. On October 4, , the University of Arizona announced a study conducted by Dr. This was achieved by testing highly qualified psychic mediums to see if they could contact the dead. The success of this study is important in that it supports NDE research in providing a scientific foundation toward investigating the survival of consciousness after death.

An after-death communication ADC is a spiritual experience that occurs when a person is contacted directly and spontaneously by a family member or friend who has died. During their seven years of research, Bill and Judy Guggenheim at www. Their book, Hello From Heaven , documents many such experiences.

On September 11, , new research by the Institute of Psychiatry caused British scientists to announce that there is convincing evidence that people are capable of paranormal feats, such as premonitions, telepathy, and out-of-body experiences. The British Association for the Advancement of Science was told an increasing number of experiments support the theory of a human "sixth sense" - an ability which may have its roots in our past, when the ability to sense the presence of a predator was a matter of life or death.

The view that people are capable of paranormal feats, such as premonitions, telepathy, and out-of-body experiences, is supported by new research by the Institute of Psychiatry, which suggests the human mind may exist outside the body like an invisible magnetic field. The research is being led by Dr. Peter Fenwick , a neuropsychiatrist at London University, who has just completed a survey of heart patients claiming to have had "near-death experiences" after their hearts had stopped beating.

Melvin Morse is the former Associate Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Washington and has studied near-death experiences in children for over 15 years and is the author of several outstanding books on the subject. In his book, Where God Lives , Morse makes the case that a connection to the right temporal lobe of the brain the "God Spot" to a higher power or "force" in the universe has been validated in the merging of scientific and paranormal research.

Such research includes the following:. Raymond Moody , who became famous for his pioneering studies of NDEs, has been working on ways of inducing facilitated apparitions in a controlled setting.

My paranormal adventure in pursuit of life after death | Aeon Essays

He took as his model classic works from ancient Greece which suggested that when people wished to contact a deceased loved one they consulted with an 'oracle' at a psychomanteum. A psychomanteum is a specially built laboratory using mirrors to help facilitate the psychic process. Part of the actual psychic process includes the sending of telepathic messages, sending vibrations - to the selected recipient in the afterlife. According to Dianne Arcangel , an associate of Dr. Moody, in some cases when contact is made with intelligences from the afterlife information is transmitted to reveal something that the person seeking contact does not know Moody gives full instructions on how to create your own psychomanteum in his book Reunions: Visionary Encounters with Departed Loved Ones and on his Psychomanteum page.

These findings support NDE research findings which demonstrates the reality of a transcendent consciousness. Larry Dossey has done extensive research on the efficacy of prayer and has written several excellent books on the subject. On June 11, , at Princeton University, Dr. Ian Stevenson presented a paper entitled: " Birthmarks and Birth Defects Corresponding to Wounds on Deceased Persons " providing scientific evidence suggestive of reincarnation which was published in the Journal of Scientific Exploration.

These findings support reincarnation in NDE research findings as well. Reincarnation has been called by some to be the greatest unknown scientific discovery today. In the last chapter of Dr. Ian Stevenson's book entitled Twenty Cases Suggestive of Reincarnation , he provides rigorous scientific reasoning to show how reincarnation is the only viable explanation that fits the facts of his study. He considers every possible alternative explanation for his twenty cases of young children who were spontaneously able to describe a previous lifetime as soon as they learned to talk.

He was able to rule out each alternative explanation using one or more aspects of these cases. Later research has even bolstered his case in favor of the existence of reincarnation. His study is also completely reproducible which means that anybody who doubts the validity of this study is perfectly welcome to repeat it for themselves.

I believe it is only a short matter of time before his discovery of the existence of reincarnation is finally realized by the scientific community and the world to be accepted as one of the greatest scientific discoveries of all time. Amber Wells was a student at the University of Connecticut and wrote a research paper based on her study of the near-death experience for her senior honors thesis under the direction of Dr.

Ken Ring. Her paper was published in the Journal of Near-Death Studies in the fall of Claims have been documented by other researchers of direct knowledge of reincarnation which became available during the near-death experience itself. Ken Ring by John Robinson: "It is a matter of personal knowledge from what the being with whom I spoke during my near-death experience told me about my older son, that he had had 14 incarnations in female physical bodies previous to the life he has just had.

One of the most amazing psychic phenomena, which religionists, skeptics and atheists have continuously and deliberately ignored is xenoglossy - the ability to speak or write a foreign language a person never learned.

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After all other explanations have been investigated - such as fraud, genetic memory, telepathy and cryptomnesia the remembering of a foreign language learned earlier , xenoglossy is taken as evidence of either memories of a language learned in a past life or of communication with a discarnate entity— a spirit person.

There are many cases on record of adults and children speaking and writing languages which they have never learned. Sometimes this happens spontaneously but more often it occurs while the person is under hypnosis or in an altered state of consciousness. In some cases it is only a few words remembered but in other cases the person becomes totally fluent and able to converse with native speakers sometimes in obscure dialects which have not been in use for centuries. There are literally thousands of xenoglossic cases, many hundreds of which have been documented.

They involve modern and ancient languages from all over the world. Psychic investigators, such the highly credible Dr. Ian Stevenson , used scientific method to illustrate xenoglossy and claim that there are only two possible explanations — either spirit contact or past life memory both of which are evidence for the afterlife. Past life regression such as that practiced by Dr. Michael Newton , simply involves placing a person under hypnosis and asking them to go back through their childhood to a time before they were born.

In many cases the person begins talking about his or her life or lives before the present lifetime, about their previous death and about the time between lives including the planning of the present lifetime. The main reason why at least some of these claims must be considered as evidence are:. Victor Zammit is a lawyer who has collected a large body of evidence supporting the reality of an afterlife. Zammit has an excellent article concerning what many regard as the greatest afterlife experiment in the world.

The evidence collected over a period of more than four years and with more than sittings by the Scole Experiments and the afterlife team is absolute, definitive and irrefutable. Scole is a village in Norfolk, England. Using it as a base, mediums Robin and Sandra Foy and Alan and Diana Bennett and other experimenters produced brilliant evidence of the afterlife in England, the U. Ireland and in Spain. Their results are being repeated by other groups around the world and will convince even the toughest open-minded skeptic.

The group began with two mediums delivering messages from a non-physical group. Many of these messages contained personal information that nobody else could know about. Soon the messages came in the form of voices which could be heard by all in the room. Then came the actual materialization of people and objects from the non-physical side. For more than 50 years, experimenters all over the world have been tape recording "paranormal voices" - voices which cannot be heard when a tape recorder is playing but which can be heard when the tape is played back.

Many of these messages have been reported to be from loved ones who have passed on. Such messages would include the experimenter's name and also answers to the experimenter's questions. It is a phenomenon known as "EVP" or " electronic voice phenomenon " and there are thousands of researchers around the world researching this fascinating psychic phenomenon. This phenomenon is particularly relevant to evidence supporting the survival hypothesis because it follows strict scientific procedures and have been duplicated under laboratory conditions by various of researchers in many different countries.

One particular recording changed his life forever. As a result, in , Raudive began to conduct his own EVP research and with the help of various electronics experts, Raudive recorded over , audiotapes, most of which were conducted using strict laboratory conditions. Raudive would confirm the accuracy of his recordings by inviting listeners to hear and interpret them.

Over people were involved in his EVP research and all heard the voices. The popular paranormal TV series called " Ghost Adventures " features an overwhelmingly number of convincing EVP recordings as they occur. According to Wikipedia. The user could allegedly, for example, give police precise details about a murder or other violent crime if they were at the crime scene or were holding the weapon used. Stefan Ossowiecki , a Russian-born psychic, is one of the most famous psychometrists. Ossowiecki claimed to be able to see people's auras and to move objects through psychokinesis.

His psychic gifts enabled this chemical engineer to locate lost objects and missing people, and he assisted in several criminal investigations. In , he participated in a test of his psychometric powers - a test devised by a wealthy Hungarian named Dionizy Jonky that involved a sealed package. Jonky stipulated that this test was to be conducted eight years after his death.

Jonky and Ossowiecki did not know each other. First, 14 photographs of men were placed in front of Ossowiecki, one of which was of Jonky. Ossowiecki picked out the correct photo. Next, Ossowiecki accurately described many details of Jonky's life and correctly identified the man who held the package for the past eight years.

Finally, Ossowiecki was presented with the sealed package Jonky had prepared before his death. Ossowiecki touched the package and concentrated. Inside the package was a meteorite encased in a candy wrapper.