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John and Jeanie Fly is the uplifting story of two people who are the first to experience an ability humanity has been dreaming of since the beginning of time.
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In Oslo and the south east parts weather is usually better. In the far north it can be warm, or it could snow you never know. Basically hope for the best but be prepared for the worst, and check the weather before you go anywhere. Also if you want to hike up a mountain, even just a short day trip, always bring extra warm clothes, weather can change quickly and be very cold and harsh even if its warm and sunny by the coast. Great post and your definitely right about the low kroner making it a bargain for some foreigners though the Canadian and Aussie dollars have also dropped a lot so not a big help to us!

Are you living in Trondheim? I mean, now I am actually earning more than enough money but when I first moved here on my German student loans? But for everything else — totally agreed! Even though people actually do spend hundreds of dollars on Northern Lights and dog-sledding tours here. Oh and I was referring to the government grants, not the loans!

A lot of students will work their asses off during summer to keep them afloat for fun stuff.

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The US dollar have never been more than 9,8 nok. That was back in In it was under 5 nok. And yes it is likely that nok will become stronger in the next year…. Yes it can happen and does happen, but I lived just north of Trondheim for three years and have had 5 trips to Norway, and not once had the chance to see the Northern Lights though it is on my wish list. The two winters after I left they could see the Northern Lights from Trondheim and down to Oslo, and again in the spring.

Oh no, what bad luck! It appears that I need to get myself to Norway stat! You just have to keep an open mind and be creative. Hmm, I wonder if there are cheap flights from Beijing!! I bet there are cheap flights from Beijing! And yeah, I think the more of a habit budgeting becomes to you the easier it is to do it, even in a supposedly expensive country. Hi, id like to have a masters degree in Morway,its on top of my list but i was wondering whether i will be able to find a job in the meantime to earn some money and make my life a little bit easier.

Is that even possible for me if i only speak english? And definitely, money is the most common excuse for not visiting Scandinavian countries — ours, too, for the most part, because we prioritize more affordable countries higher on our list first. I think the masters would definitely be doable if you had a job!

7 Ways Norway Travel Isn’t as Expensive as You Think

These points are very well made! And your photos are stunning! Great great post Silvia. Haha I was so curious about the cheap food too! Thanks for this article!

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Norway is incredibly safe, so it should be easy traveling alone as a woman here. Great post! Thanks for giving us more inspiration Silvia! Of all the Scandinavian countries, Norway definitely gives you best value for money. You just have to know where to buy cheap food and be a little creative when it comes to accommodation. Your pictures are amazing by the way! Great article!

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My girlfriend and I are Americans although she is half Norwegian and have been living in Trondheim for 2 years. The best things in Trondheim are free! Totally agree.

Thank you! I have lived here for ages and always get the same excuse! Nice article, you are welcome to visit Norway. Especially close to Oslo, if I remember correctly. Check out more helpful info here. I have got chance to study in Hedmark University of applied science, hamar. I would be coming in august. Perfect post. Looking forward to the budget tips that you will be posting. I took the plunge and moved here two months ago and need some tips on the budgeting sides. Have read wonderful things about Norway. Sounds wonderful but expensive. And thank you for the articule, was very inspirational.

Norway here I come! Have you been up to the lakes around the city? You can take the tram up to Lian and explore around there. I will be traveling to Norway for about a week during my fall break portion of studying abroad in Salzburg, Austria. I have a friend who lives in Eidsvoll, Norway, so I am going to visit her for my break.

She used to live in the U. Is there anything that you would recommend for a tourist and a local to go see? I also want to start a blog for my semester abroad. Do you have any advice on how or where to get started? Good luck, and have fun! We have flight tickets to Oslo and thinking, what should we visit from there.

Do you have any advice? Oh and one more question, what the weather usually looks like in september? Anyway, looking forward to see the beautiful country! It is a bit cold already — at least in the mountains — but september can also be quite warm, so maybe pack layers. Otherwise I would go to Bergen if you want to take the train book now to get the cheapest tickets.

Have fun! I have just discovered your blog and I love it! Would you recommend Norway in December or will it just be dark all the time if I go too far north? Also is there any cheap way to hop around the country.

Do you think it would be worth trying to book flights between these destinations? I really love hiking too so want to do as much as I can! Though a lot of the hikes are closed in the winter. The cheapest ways to cover long distances are either booking the train far in advance to get the cheapest minipris around kr for one trip, regardless of distance and flying. Sometimes you can find quite cheap domestic flights.

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I was wondering if you had any ideas of what we shoudl do for NYE? I asked around and people said maybe head up to the ski jump for some good views or around Aker Brygge. I love this post! I just recently wrote a blog post about how to budget travel through Norway. Keep it up! The colors in your photos are just divine! I loved Norway, the food is absolutely delicious! Traveling itself is expensive, thinking about it, but there is always a way to travel within a budget. You just have to dig around for info and great write ups like this! Thanks for writing this!

Just decided to go backpacking the whole month of august this year. Lots of wild camping and breath taking moments, looking forward to the many adventures.. I have been to Oslo two times in my live. It is beautiful city and I must say you are really luck if you manage to save money because it is too expensive — at least for my pocket. But I think I will go again if I have a chance.

This has, by far, been the best post I could find about traveling to Norway. My husband and I are planning a trip in June to hike around for 5 full days. Are there any places between Bergen and Alesund that you highly recommend we go? Silvia congrats on the amazing blog! We are looking forward for a road trip thanks to your enthusiasm!

Would have liked to see that and the Zorro series on there at launch. Me too. That legit scared the heck out of me as kid. The rescuers , so dear to my heart , Make Mine Music , Gus, hot lead and cold feet , Condor man , Guone and Juliet , first Brave little toaster movie and muppets Cinderella. Not even close. It says from day one launch. Not everything will be included all at the same time. Stuff will be added in the future. So true — these are the ones I was hoping for the most. There is still plenty to watch for a long time and new items will be added here and there is imagine. Are there rights and issues with those also?

That was a classic show in my childhood! They have great classics like Brink, but hopefully that one will be added soon! Initial video from Netherlands demo didnt show these series. I was hoping to see some the old shows like dumbos circus, adventures in wonderland, the original zorro tv show, mickey mouse club. No Enchanted?! No The Rescuers?

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