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Want to launch a new social enterprise? These articles explore examples of social impact startups that took off—plus advice from successful entrepreneurs who have been where you are now. Learn about inspiration, business models, funding, grants, accelerators, and training programs.
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They favor brands on a mission and will spend their money where their values lie.


Conscious companies tend to treat their stakeholders better. They offer better conditions, better rewards and the opportunity to make a difference -- all of which leads to higher productivity and loyalty. These conditions mean that conscious companies do better financially and can make a positive impact on the world around them.

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Discovering conscious capitalism has been transformative in my own life. The answer that came back to me was a resounding no.

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I knew I had to change how I was working and find a bigger purpose. If you have a product or service that you can tangibly give away, try aligning your giving in the same way that companies like Toms, Warby Parker or Bombas do. All three companies operate on a one-to-one principle by which they donate a pair of their shoes, glasses or socks to people in need for every purchase a paying customer makes.

Another approach is to integrate your values into your giving.

Conscious Business Model Design and Innovation

It has now donated more than 2. In the past year, my company has donated to everything from hurricane relief to cancer research and mental health solutions -- all dependent on the causes that were most important and relevant to me, my team and our clients and vendors. Here are some additional tips to consider if you want to successfully integrate conscious capitalism into your everyday business endeavors:.

Never shy away from talking about the difference you are making. When I speak at conferences and Mastermind Talks, I typically focus on digital advertising and will only briefly touch on conscious capitalism. Surprisingly, the topic that consistently resonates the most with audiences is nearly always conscious capitalism. Whether it inspires them to explore conscious capitalism for themselves, or interests them in doing business with my company, it creates goodwill and makes for a great conversation topic.

If you care about making a difference, you can integrate this into any sort of conversation you might have about your business. Consumers today, especially millennials, increasingly favor socially conscious businesses compared with those that have no overarching purpose.

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Social media has been a driving force behind the rise of conscious capitalism. Stakeholders will want to see the evidence of your impact so that they can verify and, in turn, share it with their own networks. Be sure to curate social proof of your impact into your online media presence. You can start by simply posting about your contributions, highlighting the work behind the charities you support and even encouraging your social media followers to donate and support their efforts.

But every act of kindness, no matter how big or small, has the potential to cascade into something far more meaningful than simply standing out. Your contributions not only make an impact, but also lead to deeper friendships, enhanced respect from your peers and even acts of reciprocity.

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