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Boreal Dreams [Mr. Peter Anthony Blush] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Corporate greed and political corruption lead to murder and.
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We interviewed Jack and Josh Ibbertson New interview! Today we have the pleasure of interviewing Jack and Josh Ibbertson. Show more. May 21, Get to know him better from a more personal side.

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Mar 29, Mar 26, Get to know every personal and professional detail from from his childhood until now! Feb 25, We interviewed Edu Marin New interview! Feb 14, We interviewed the Boreal production manager New interview!

Dec 18, There are over alleys here — tiny narrow paths winding through the city and up the mountainside and under the streets. I have a few iPhone photos so the rest of the Mexico posts will have to get by with these photos for now and I will update once I get home!

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It was a long, quiet empty bus ride and we arrived after dark. It was just outside the old city centre in a perfect location and we had a 12 bed dorm room all to ourselves! The staff were lovely and we were lucky enough to makes friends with one staff member, the lovely Anel, a person who personifies the Mexican people — kindhearted, friendly, helpful, funny and an amazing cook!

We shared a charcuterie board with her that we made one night and brought it to her at the front desk while she worked, and she returned the favour another night by making oh so yummy tacos dorados and crema de Chile poblano soup — what a treat! Follow a winding road metres down into a steep valley surrounded by lush vegetation.

See the turquoise blue river, steam pouring off her surface as she snakes through the valley floor. Soak yourself in a deliciously warm thermal pool, all to yourself, hanging over the edge of the cliffside while you stare off into the mountain valley. Let the warm waters pound on your back like a massage as they cascade down the mountain.

And if you dare, climb into the very heart of the mountain through a black tunnel, torrid water pounding down from every crevice inside her, the hot blood of the mountain. Steam billows so thick you feel it in your lungs. Watch your step along the smooth rocks as you walk along them from ankle deep to neck deep water. At the end of the tunnel, in the mountains heart, sit and breath her in, feel her heat wrap you in a blanket.

El Otro Lado De La Luna

But you must. The rest of the mountain is calling you. Dare to run through the blast of icy cascades pounding from the mountain top, the very mouth of the mountain. Pass through the frigid wall and reach the inside of the cavernous mouth, a warm reprieve, waste deep, with tiny smooth round tastebuds, pebbles on the floor, to massage your feet. Stare in awe at the stalactites, the strange smoothened figures on the walls and cavern ceiling, like grotesque teeth from thousands of years of dripping that warm, mineral rich water.

And in the centre, a battering blast of hot water beckons you, dares you to try to withstand the power as the tongue of the mountain pounds on your back and pushes you down into the warm depths. Steamy breath gushes from her mouth out into the valley in clouds.

Dream Wave

It felt good to leave the monstrous Mexico City behind and escape the smog and chaos of the big city life. This was a stop over for some nature adventures in the state we were excited to explore. Our stop over ended up being extended a few days however, as we fell in love with our oh so comfortable king size bed and quiet guest house. We decided to extend our stay mostly to just relax and catch up on some writing and sleep.

Our host was so wonderful and welcoming and there were no other guests so it was extra quiet.

Unprecedented insulation performance 2. Unequalled construction stability 3. Easy assembly without heavy equipment 4. Grandiose timber-frame structures 5. Can be tailored to any style or dimensions.

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You are the king of building your castle: delegate tasks as you see fit! You take care of the rest or hire the contractor of your choice.


You can work with an experienced team during the assembly steps you prefer we handle all while saving on the other tasks you want to take care of yourself. You then have complete control over choosing and installing the cabinets, plumbing, electric wiring, siding and interior finishes. This kit allows you to build at your own pace. The assembled shell gives you the freedom to choose your own workforce and materials to reduce costs or to take advantage of other related benefits, according to your own schedule.

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