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I personally do the absolute minimum, such as level 5 only and gather resources for when there is a very interesting event for me to get more event chests. My way requires A LOT of patience as one might wait for weeks or months. You have to find the best balance for your specific character between using items fast to grow BR so you can win things in Wartune and saving items to use in the future at the correct time good events to get more rewards. Leave this field empty.

A Compilation of FB posts I’ve made since being in Louisiana – Animals Aboard

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Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. Email required Address never made public. Re: how to ask for more meaningful stats as a reviewer—just go ahead and ask for them! If you want to see a measure of effect size, or discussion of whether an effect is biologically significant as opposed to statistically significant, or whatever, say so. Thanks for the response and looking forward to those posts.

MOOCs, with their pros and cons, are not the only disruptive innovations in education eg: flipped-class-rooms, problem based learning, blogging vs publishing. There seems to be a generalized feeling that change is needed in higher education and would love to hear your thoughts and those of your guest on what that needed change is and how to make it happen. Pingback: Advice: on choosing your own path in science Dynamic Ecology.

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Not really. Pingback: Musings on the culture of ecology Dynamic Ecology. Pingback: On the tone and content of this blog feedback encouraged Dynamic Ecology. I think Meg has an old post on some of this, or at least has talked about it in a comment thread. So at the risk of recapitulating:. Only you can decide, e. Just make sure to negotiate professionally and positively rather than antagonistically. Same thing applies for choosing a postdoctoral mentor. There are all sorts of other considerations.

Will you be expected to effectively act as the supervisor for one or more grad students? How much freedom will you have to develop and pursue your own ideas, vs. Down the road, faculty hiring committees are going to want to see evidence that you can think and work for yourself and lead a team, rather than just be part of a team.

IIRC, she suggested either learning new techniques but staying in the same system for your postdoc, or switching systems but using the same techniques. Thanks, Jeremy. Agreed that all the balances of logistics is personal. Three years, huh? Those appear to be few and far between. But there you have it.

This Woman Was Included In A "Cringe Compilation" And YouTube Won't Take It Down

I was geographically limited my husband had already started a PhD and so I just cold-called about a dozen ecology professors at Minnesota; about half that many replied and agreed to chat with me. And Packer and Tilman happened to have things I could start on right away during the year of applying and waiting. Yes, certainly lots of 2 rather than 3 year postdocs out there. But one year? I feel for you, and for everyone in a similar position. Yes, if you already have breadth from your PhD and from your past experience in another field , then it makes total sense to build depth in one area that will become your primary focus going forward. I agree with all that both of you have said.

r/ChoosingBeggars posts compilation - I want it free - Rija Reads Reddit Ep. 32

Two thoughts. Its easier to not renew a 1 year than fire somebody after 1 year. And it would be fair game to ask about that up front. I actually see very few postdocs that are truly one year. The best are ones where you have time to finish up all your thesis chapters to publication and get several more queued up to go out the door during or just after your postdoc. So depending on what you want in a collaborator, that is what I would look for in a post-doc adviser and that will vary — some people like famous collaborators, some people like deep on-on-one collaborations, etc.